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Building in suburbia is one thing, but creating a cosy, off-grid home in a remote location takes innovation and courage. From Arctic escapes to desert hideaways, we've gathered together the world's most secluded, self-sufficient properties. Click or scroll on to venture off the beaten path and step inside these wow-factor wilderness homes…
Known as the Comporta Hideaway, this striking off-grid home is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle. Described by Off Grid Hideaways as a “modern riverbank refuge for two”, the wilderness retreat is positioned on the banks of the spectacular Sado Estuary, at the base of the Tróia Peninsula in southwest Portugal.
The rustic tiny home was designed by renowned Portuguese architect, Manuel Aires Mateus, and formed entirely from rough-hewn, raw-edged reclaimed timber, making it striking as well as sustainable. The property was inspired by the medieval fishing piers of Carrasqueira, which were essentially stilted boardwalks built across the tidal mudflats.
Inside, the pad boasts plenty of boho vibes, thanks to its bare timber walls, crisp white furnishings and industrial-inspired light fixtures. The main cabin features a snug bedroom, a sitting area, a handmade kitchenette and a bathroom, while outside there's a dramatic open-air shower. Just imagine having a soak while taking in these gorgeous surroundings.
Despite the bedroom’s pared-down aesthetic, there’s something undeniably romantic about it. The double bed is draped in white netting, while its low-key lighting creates a cosy ambience. What's more, the pad is located almost two miles from the nearest beach or town, and features minimal appliances, simple lighting and zero technology, allowing for a total digital detox away from the rat race.
But with this landscape just outside your front door, it's likely you'd be spending all of your time exploring the great outdoors. Surrounded by sand dunes, rice paddies and fishing wharves, there are countless ways to while away the hours. Pull up a bean bag chair on the deck, kayak or cycle along the meandering waterways, or seek out the estuary’s colony of bottlenose dolphins. Need we say more? 
Savvy fans might recognise this gorgeous cabin from the popular Netflix series, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. Located just south of the Arctic Circle on the remote Norwegian island of Vega, the weather-beaten fisherman’s cabin appears to have risen up from the rocks upon which it sits. Formed from pine, untreated birch and linseed-oiled cladding, the property lies on a natural outcrop, resulting in minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.
The dreamy holiday home lies in the Unesco-protected Vegaøyan region and boasts not only a gorgeous modern interior, but jaw-dropping scenery too. It was designed by the Stockholm-based studio, Kolman Boye Architects, who took their inspiration from the traditional boathouses of Norway’s age-old fishing villages.
Suitable for up to seven guests, the cabin has a stylish interior that’s warm, uncluttered and filled with tactile textures – perfect for a hygge-inspired escape. There’s an open-plan living area with a lounge, kitchen and dining space, while upstairs you’ll find two double bedrooms and a bathroom. There’s another small double bedroom up in the attic, too.
Each interior space benefits from plenty of picture windows, which frame the scenery outside and allow ample sunlight to filter inside. As for design, you’ll find Scandinavian furnishings, vintage pieces and natural textiles, such as whitewashed wood and natural birch, resulting in bright, fresh and warm living areas.
But of course, it’s all about what’s going on outside. Guests of the Vega Island Hideaway can channel their inner Viking by kayaking to the area’s pristine coves. If you prefer dry land, you can hike or bike along the island’s coastline, while those who prefer the quiet life can simply pull up a chair and take in the breathtaking views this remote retreat has to offer.
When it comes to off-grid living, things don't get much more exciting than this. Spectacular and unique in equal measure, this impressive observation tower can be found in Tiller, Oregon, and soars up 40 feet into the air. 
The unique tower can be found secluded in a 40-acre meadow inside a private estate. Surrounded by the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas County, the retreat can't really get any more remote, which makes it perfect for those seeking some time away from the rat race. 
Known as Summit Prairie, the high-altitude home was built in 2009 and was modelled after the Fire Lookout Towers constructed by the US Forest Service in the early 1900s. Yet there's nothing old-fashioned about this pad. Inside, you'll find everything you could need for modern living, including hot running water and comfortable beds.
Despite its amazing interior and beautiful view, the tower's exterior is also worth a mention. It comes complete with endless land for hiking and foraging, as well as hammocks and a wood-fired, spring-fed hot tub.
Outside, you can sit back and watch the world go by on your own private terrace. With not a soul for miles around, this is the ultimate off-grid option for anymore seeking a digital detox. There's even an outdoor shower located on the balcony, where you can take in amazing landscape views while you bathe. If you fancy spending the night here, then head over to Airbnb.
Proving that not all eco homes are made equal, The Off-grid itHouse is a fine example of modern desert architecture. Located in Pioneertown, California, the striking sustainable structure was designed by architect Taalman Koch in 2007 and yet it hasn't aged a day…
The compact cabin is formed from prefabricated components that were made off-site, in order to better control construction waste and the overall quality of the finished product. The home's glass walls and easy, open-plan layout means it has an idyllic indoor-outdoor flow, while its construction method means it has a minimal impact on the environment upon which it stands.
The house boasts a chic industrial aesthetic, thanks to its exposed structural elements, steel accents and metallic colour palette. The house is entirely off-grid and solar panels provide energy and hot water. It also offers passive heating and cooling, while its site orientation allows for natural cross ventilation even on the hottest of summer days. 
Plus, to ensure the internal environment stays nice and comfortable, the glass house also comes equipped with a sun-shading screen and privacy zones. Designed for four adults, the off-grid property features two bedrooms, one bathroom, a dining area, a kitchen and a living room that offers framed views of the California high desert.
The property has gained plenty of recognition, too. Dwell called it one of the "best homes in America', while the Los Angeles Times declared it one of the best houses of all time in Southern California. If, like us, you've fallen in love, then you can spend the night in this gorgeous off-grid home. 
Built to blend in with their dramatic desert surroundings, these modern metal cabins, which form one property, were built from weathered steel. They can be found in the depths of Joshua Tree National Park in sunny California. Created by Cohesion Studio, the eye-catching home was designed for keen travellers seeking an off-grid adventure that also allowed for modern luxuries.
Known as Folly, the rust-coloured structures were created with indoor-outdoor living in mind, and even feature an outdoor bathroom. A couple of hours away from Los Angeles, this secluded desert spot is no stranger to intense sunshine, which is the main power source for the off-grid dwelling.
Inside, the property offers all the modern conveniences you could wish for. Accommodation includes a kitchen, dining area and bathroom, with a mezzanine bedroom that includes a skylight for stargazing. Outside, you'll find a small patio with a sunken bathtub – the perfect spot to soak up nature at its best.
The buildings themselves were constructed from locally-sourced salvaged steel, while the interior offers a rustic, urban finish with plywood walls and metal finishes. A large solar panel powers the home, with guests able to monitor their energy consumption and control lighting, temperature and security during their stay.
Available to rent on Airbnb, with a Mini Cooper thrown in for the ultimate road trip, lucky guests can truly enjoy a taste of off-grid living, thanks to the cabin's open-air bedroom. Sleep under the stars and drift off while you listen to the sound of nearby crickets. What could be better than that?
Offering an off-grid experience like no other, these cabins by Off the Map allow you to spend the night below the stars, in the depths of the Finnish Arctic. 
For those looking to escape to a truly remote location, the Off the Map Wilderness Camp is made up of three mobile huts, which can be moved around the Finnish landscape thanks to their sled-style bases.
An incredible glazed roof allows for breathtaking vistas across the Arctic skies, offering travellers the chance to spot the elusive Northern Lights.
This impressive solar-powered house lies in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada, in a dense forest area some 160 miles from Toronto. Featuring a modern grey exterior and a shingled roof, it's an exceptional piece of architecture in a truly remote spot.
The property was curated by architect Kelly Doran of the MASS Design Group to promote sustainable living in far-off locations. Positioned on the banks of the idyllic Lake Havelock, the home is insulated with straw bales and runs entirely off solar power.
Covering 2,500 square feet, the home boasts a simple open-plan layout with a spacious kitchen, dining room and lounge. A wood-burning stove sits at the centre of the home, heating the communal areas. Boasting incredible lakeside views, the property's generous three bedrooms feature sleek and stylish décor.
Designed by architecture studio Raumhochrosen, this secluded retreat lies in the depths of Austria's Wienerwald municipality. Known as Tom's Hut, the cabin was created as a wilderness retreat for a life coach and songwriter in need of respite from his busy lifestyle.
The compact timber cabin was prefabricated off-site, before being erected in its woodland position. Vertical timber cladding covers the hut's exterior, while a pitched metal roof helps to protect the home from heavy rainfall.
Inside, the cabin offers a pared-back design aesthetic, with exposed timber walls, flooring and ceilings, and streamlined furniture. Large, expansive windows frame marvellous scenic views for residents to enjoy.
Completely off-grid, the remote wooden home has no electricity and only a small fountain for water to supply the structure. This remarkable rustic property truly is as back-to-basics as it gets.
Positioned in the remote wilderness of Kandalaksha in Russia, this red modular home was flown in by helicopter to its stark snowy location. A bold burst of colour amid the snowy, vacant landscape, it certainly makes a statement in this remote spot.
Designed by Moscow-based firm, BIO-architects, the prefabricated hut was gifted to the town of Kandalaksha, after it won a nationwide competition where members of the public nominated a town that could benefit from a tiny modular cabin. 
Designed by Out of the Valley, this compact oak frame cabin can be installed almost anywhere, for the ultimate escapist retreat. Created to help homeowners reconnect with the natural world, the cabin boasts integrated solar panels so you can pitch up far away from civilisation.
The oak cabin has a traditional trussed frame and can be erected in just two days. The dark wooden exterior allows the cabin to blend into any woodland setting, while the interior boasts gorgeous whitewashed panelling and a stylish kitchen space.
Powered by roof-mounted solar panels, the 258-square-foot cabin can be customised to meet the individual needs of homeowners. Commissions have included a sauna, yoga studio and gorgeous summerhouses.
Known as La Invernada, this one-of-a-kind property can be found inside a natural forest landscape in the Curicó region of Chile. The unique tiny home was designed by the architects at GAAA Studio to softly blend in with its surroundings.
The compact cabin was constructed from laminated Chilean pinewood, polycarbonate and mesh, with each material representing a different natural element: light, leaves and trees. The micro-home was created using a CNC machine and assembled on-site with wood joints and screws. The prefabricated home took just 20 days to build.
La Invernada is entirely off-grid and finds itself situated on a wooden deck that extends from its sloping plot and is supported by stilts. This way, the architects were able to construct the cabin without having a significant impact on the forest itself. Instead, they worked around the natural contours of the land. Inside, you'll find three compact floors and the main living area downstairs benefits from an amazing triple-height ceiling.
The house offers just 580 square feet of space, which includes a lounge with a wood-burning stove, a kitchenette, a small bathroom and a bedroom that opens onto a small exterior deck. Every room also comes complete with clever space-saving storage and custom-built furniture that perfectly matches the home's exposed structural materials. 
Upstairs, the floors get progressively smaller, due to the cabin's arched roof, and can be accessed via a ladder. Both of these tiny top-floor rooms are covered in cushions, making them the perfect places to unwind and soak up unforgettable forest views. At one with nature, this remarkable tiny home truly has to be seen to be believed.
Boasting some of the most spectacular views in all of the High Desert, this modern home sits on over 100 acres of land in the heart of the Yucca Valley, California. With nothing but sky, scenery and seclusion for miles around, this is one off-grid retreat that allows its occupants to entirely switch off from the hubbub of modern life.
Constructed using a blend of corten steel and sheets of polycarbonate, a tough and transparent form of thermoplastic polymer, this cabin is unlike any you might have seen before. While the corten steel roof has weathered over time to a gorgeous rusty shade, allowing the property to blend in with its surroundings, the home's polycarbonate walls enable the lucky occupant to enjoy unobstructed views from anywhere inside the property, taking the indoor-outdoor experience to a whole new level.
Inside, the cabin offers a sitting area and a double bed, while a detached bathroom, kitchen and dining area sit close by. Kitted out with everything you could need to live off-grid, the two properties maintain a minimalist design palette, with natural wood accents and monochrome furnishings that allow the landscape outside to take centre stage.
Stripped back and simplistic, the remote residence is cosy and inviting. What’s more, the property is powered by the sun – something that’s never in short supply in this part of California. The sun’s rays power the home’s lights, hot water, heating and air conditioning, as well as USB charging points to keep your gadgets online.
The interior opens up to a wraparound deck, equipped with a table and chairs and a propane firepit, perfect for toasty nights under the stars and breakfast overlooking the flawless scenery. If you fancy spending the night here, then you can rent the property out via Airbnb whenever you like.
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14 April 2022
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