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HONOLULU (KHNL/Gray News) – A man in Hawaii has recently gone viral for living off the grid and carving out his own little piece of paradise.
In 2020, Robert Breton left his life in Northern California, bought the land and built his tiny home with his bare hands.
“It’s a 200-square-foot home but it’s like a treehouse vibe, so it’s tall,” he said. “It’s very laid out as far as how to make the most out of the space.”
Breton has become a social media sensation for the TikTok, Instagram and YouTube videos he produces that document his daily life. He said he loves growing food and living in tune with nature while living off the grid and having a self-reliant lifestyle.
Breton’s followers are fascinated by this modern-day George of the Jungle.
“I wanted to accentuate nature and have some exposed beams and some things where you can see living trees, and moss in the bathroom. Things like that,” he said. “But at the same time have Wi-Fi, have a refrigerator, have a hot shower, all these things that really make it comfortable.”
In Breton’s self-created living space, solar panels power the lights and appliances, and a large tank collects rainwater that’s filtered and pumped to his sink and shower. He also grows tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs in his garden and greenhouse.
“When you’re out here in the jungle, that laundry list just piles up on you,” he said. “The jungle itself is its own full-time job.”
Breton supports himself through a food supplement company he founded and his social media accounts, where hundreds of thousands of people watch the segments he produces on yoga, meditation and lifestyle changes.
The biggest bill he pays is the $25 a month it costs for his Wi-Fi router.
“This is a legacy that I’m building, living with authenticity in order to hopefully inspire others to do the same,” he said.
Breton is 35 years old. He said he planned this move for 10 years and checked out other places before he settled on the Big Island, built his treehouse, and started living on less.
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