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When Victor and Kathleen Fleek moved into their last home, there were a total of nine people living in the house. But as family members started moving out of the 3,700-square-foot space, the Fleeks realized they had rooms that would go untouched for months at a time.
“There were rooms we never went in,” Victor told the Courier Journal. “I mean, what’s the (point) if you have a music room or a sitting room and nobody’s (ever) in there?”
While thinking about downsizing, Victor and Kathleen visited Amish Made Cabins in Shepherdsville, a locally owned firm that is currently merging with Texas-based company Ulrich Lifestyle Structures.
“We’d always go in and look at whatever cabins they had there,” Victor said. “One day, (Kathleen) goes, ‘this would be perfect — I just wish it could be a little bit bigger.’”
After the couple found out it was possible to combine two Amish cabins to create one larger home, Kathleen got started on the plans for their new house. Once construction began at the off-grid production facility in Munfordville, the couple drove down every couple of weeks to check on the progress of their future home.
“We discussed (everything),” Kathleen said, “down to the outlets — I was specific about where I wanted every outlet.”
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In January 2019, a year and a half after production began, the Fleeks moved into their customized Amish cabin on their 32-acre property. At 1,750 square feet, the house is less than half the size of their previous home — and it’s exactly what they wanted.
Kathleen’s design plans ensured they would be able to utilize their space in the most efficient way possible, especially in the kitchen.
“My cabinets are built to my height,” she said. “Most people (build to) counter height, whereas mine are three inches taller so I can stand (up) straight to do everything.”
In addition to building the cabinets to accommodate Kathleen, every kitchen drawer was constructed with a particular purpose in mind.
“Every cabinet (and) every drawer has a function,” she said. “It’s divided; it holds something specifically. I went through all my dishes — I brought pans and everything down (to the production facility), and we measured every one of those cabinets to fit what I wanted it to fit.”
As small as the kitchen is, Kathleen still managed to configure everything for entertaining. Though most of the Fleek children have moved into their own homes, this house is where many of the family gatherings take place. There’s a small, round table near a window for when Victor and Kathleen don’t have company.
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Next to the island, they’ve set up a long, rectangular table with a few chairs; whenever they have guests, it is pulled out to reveal additional seating via the storage bench below.
Though much of the kitchen was constructed with Kathleen in mind, Victor has his own special place in the room.
“He makes bread for everybody,” Kathleen said, referring to the galley area just to the right of the front door. Shelves hold a stand mixer, flour, salt, and other ingredients; Victor’s ‘Dad’s Bread’ recipe is affixed in vinyl lettering to the facing wall.
On the other side of the kitchen, dozens of small signs hang from the wall, surrounding a window. Some are practical, providing measurement conversions for cooking and baking; others have funny or inspirational sayings or are indicative of places the Fleeks have lived.
“When we were in the military, we always had a bunch of military signs,” Kathleen said. “In our last house we didn’t do it — so when we were building this (house) the kids asked for a wall (like that) … They give me signs and I put them up.”
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Victor and Kathleen are enjoying their supersized tiny home for now, but they anticipate downsizing again eventually.
“If we end up going smaller, our hope is one of our kids will buy this house,” Kathleen said. “On (the) ridge facing this one,” Victor added, “we’ll build a smaller one.”
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Owners: Victor and Kathleen Fleek. Victor is a retired command sergeant major who served in the U.S. Army for 32 years, and Kathleen is a school administrator and teacher at Nelson County Baptist School.
Home: This is a 3-bed, 2-bath, 1,750-square-foot, Amish-built cottage in Coxs Creek that was built in 2019.
Distinctive elements: Designed by homeowners after a visit to Amish Made Cabins in Shepherdsville; kitchen counter three inches taller than standard height; custom cabinetry designed to store specific items; U-shaped cabinet and a counter area designed for easy reconfiguration for entertaining; kitchen pantry built to mimic an old general store; pocket doors and barn doors throughout save space; chalk paint on select doors for notes and artwork; organization and storage built into every area, including storage benches in breakfast nook and family dining area; cubbies and shelving designed to eliminate the need for dressers.
Applause! Applause! Jim and Pam White of Amish Built Cabins in Shepherdsville; Tracy Bentley for the water lines; Jay’s Plumbing in Shepherdsville; Marty Miller in Munfordville for the foundation; David Humphrey in Bardstown for the septic system; Haydon Materials Gravel in Bardstown; Scott from Kentucky Garage Doors in Elizabethtown; Ryan Wheeler of United Residential Mortgage in Elizabethtown; Lowes in Shepherdsville.







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