Colorado oddly NOT a great spot to live 'off the grid', data analysis shows – Denver Gazette

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Photo Credit: aheflin (iStock).

Photo Credit: aheflin (iStock).
While many people would probably assume that Colorado is a great place for ‘off the grid’ living thanks to the many remote places and vast forests spread around the state, a recent data analysis conducted by LawnStarter showed that this isn’t necessarily the case.
On a ranking where Iowa, Texas, and Kentucky rounded out the top three states for living ‘off-grid’, Colorado ranked 35th.
Categories of data that went into the overall score included feasibility (laws related to off the grid living, population density in rural areas), infrastructure (quality of roads, effectiveness of renewable energy), affordability (cost of living), climate (number of extreme days, sunshine, rain), and safety (crime rates, rural hospitals, pollution), with Colorado ranking the highest in affordability (3rd), but the lowest in feasibility (43rd).
The feasibility aspect is no surprise, as Colorado has some of the strictest water rights laws in the country. The state also has a rule about off-grid properties needing to be on at least 35 acres of property. Read more about the requirements of off-grid living in Colorado here.
The worst spot in the country for ‘off the grid living’ was determined to be New Jersey.
Do you think this ranking accurately depicts reality in Colorado? Let us know in the comments.
See the full LawnStarter ranking here.
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