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The average size of a new home in the United States is just about 2,500 square feet. Now, do you think you could live in a fifth of that space?
That’s the route many people are taking throughout the country. In what is known as the Tiny House Movement, some are choosing to downgrade from their typical family homes to tiny ones, to combat the seemingly ever-growing housing costs in places like New Jersey.
Tiny homes are generally dwellings of no more than 500 square feet, give or take. Homes of this size grew in popularity after the creation of several shows such as “Tiny House Nation” and “Tiny House, Big Living.”
Kenneth Felici, who has just put his former tiny home up for sale in Vernon Township, said the lower cost of a tiny home compared with formal apartments and houses is significantly less.
“If it’s good for you, the minimalist part is something that you can get used to and that can end up being good for mental health as a lifestyle change,” he said. “That just automatically makes you consider what you need, what you don’t need. You end up with much less stuff, but it’s stuff you actually use.”
Because tiny homes can come in road models or park models, in addition to the stationary tiny homes, there is more flexibility in moving than with a typical house. But, Felici said, keep in mind that some areas will have more land regulations than others in terms of where a tiny home on wheels can go.
Despite putting his previous one up for sale, Felici said he is continuing with the tiny living lifestyle and plans to build a stationary tiny home, simply because he has enjoyed the minimalist lifestyle.
With Tiny Home Listings — almost like Zillow, but exclusively for listings of tiny houses — you can see some of the things tiny homes have to offer.
If you’re interested in downsizing to the lifestyle of a tiny home, here are four currently for sale in North Jersey:
Looking for a place to live out your off-the-grid dreams? This 224-square-foot tiny home on wheels in Vernon Township might be for you.
Between the already-installed solar panels and the water filtration system, this home gives you access to all necessary amenities without the hassle of worrying about proper hookups.
Inside, this tiny home has a ground floor — with a kitchen and a separate area for a bedroom or living room space — as well as two lofts: one main loft, which can fit a queen bed, and a second that can be used as a TV room or another sleeping area. All of the stairs include storage drawers as well.
The kitchen is equipped with a farmhouse sink, a full-size refrigerator and a newly built-in propane stove. The bathroom comes with an incineration toilet and a bolted-down, free-standing bathtub.
This tiny home also comes with a Verizon hookup box and an installed air conditioning unit, as well as all RV-type hookups and a well-maintained trailer.
Also on wheels, this tiny home in Hewitt comes in at 221 square feet.
Featuring an open floor plan, the ground floor includes a living area, an eat-in kitchen and a bathroom, as well as a walk-up to the sleeping loft.
The living area seamlessly blends into the kitchen and includes details such as a wall-mounted TV, electric wall heaters and a remote-controlled air conditioning unit in the storage loft just above, accessible by a built-in ladder.
The bathroom includes a composting toilet, a stand-alone sink and a corner shower. With extra space, it can also double as a closet, or even a laundry room — with washer and dryer hookups already installed.
The tiny home is equipped with 10 windows throughout, providing an abundance of natural light. Additionally, the home is fully electric — including a 100-amp electric system — and comes with a 7-gallon water heater and a 27-gallon reserve water tank.
This 250-square-foot tiny home in Teaneck comes packaged up in a Ford van.
In terms of power, it includes 500 watts of solar power, 600 amps of hybrid gel batteries and a 300-watt pure sine inverter and charger. Hidden under the home are a 20-gallon freshwater tank, a 25-gallon gray tank and a 30-gallon propane tank, all with monitors.
In terms of living spaces, the kitchen area includes a three-burner stove with an oven, a full-size refrigerator with a freezer, a large kitchen sink and a dishwasher. Also in the main living space are two seating areas that convert to a queen-size bed.
Among other amenities are a remote-controlled fan, a Dometic air conditioner and a ducted RV propane furnace.
In Montville, you can find a 250-square-foot fully renovated tiny home on wheels.
This RV home includes a living room and kitchen area, equipped with a bar table and bar chairs, a full-size futon sofa and a stainless steel gas stove. You can also find an electric fireplace, a built-in bar area, ducted heating and central air conditioning, surround sound and two smart TVs.
There is a private bedroom area, with a queen-size mattress and cabinet storage. The room already comes with luxury bedding and includes two spa robes.
Nearby, the bathroom has a shower with a rainfall shower system, a vanity mirror and a sink, as well as a Dometic toilet.







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