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There are places you go as a one-stop shop when you know exactly what they offer and when you know they have everything you need. A craft store, for example, would be good for handmade craft supplies. Hardware stores are good for tools and outdoor supplies. Reolink is that place for innovative smart security cameras and related systems. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or business property, they offer a variety of all-in-one security kits, 4K-quality solar-powered cameras, and dual-lens PTZ cameras, among others.
You shouldn’t leave your properties unprotected these days, especially when smart security systems are so accessible. From multi-camera systems that can cover wide stretches of property to smart and 4K-ready cameras that cover areas of your home — like your front door or patio — with surveillance feeds beamed right to your mobile device, Reolink has it all. But here’s the best part. In the spirit of the holiday shopping season and for Black Friday, many of its best home security systems are heavily discounted right now. That’s right, it’s the perfect time to install a new home security kit or upgrade an existing one. Below are just some of the cameras and systems on sale.
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From November 6 to November 16, Reolink offers an extra 5% discount when you use the code REOLINK23PR at checkout during the early Black Friday event. That discount stacks on top of existing deals.
Here are some of the best Reolink deals you can shop:
This standalone wire-free camera operates on both 5GHZ and 2.4GHz WiFi bands with a 4K resolution and 8MP still photos, smart detection features, and color night vision. It’s also battery-powered and can be connected to a solar panel to recharge the battery or keep it powered on. The smart detection alerts will tell you when the camera notices motion or even people, and no subscription is required to use these functions. Moreover, you’ll get smart real-time alerts on mobile, like push notifications, emails, and even an audible siren if a burglar is detected.
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This wide-angle and telephoto lens camera not only tracks and monitors a wider area of your property but also offers dual view and dual tracking support. The 2K resolution video, 4MP still photo, and quad HD support ensure you’ll see everything in crystal-clear quality — and any recorded footage will be clear, too. It connects to 4G LTE networks with a Nano SIM card to offer more flexibility and monitoring anywhere. You can install it in virtually any location, even remotely, and because it’s solar-powered, you don’t have to worry about wiring it to an outlet. That opens up a lot more possibilities as to where you can install and mount it. Like Reolink’s other smart cameras, you can watch from your mobile, with person and vehicle detection and two-way audio support.
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The TrackMix PoE wide-angle and telephoto lens camera offers many of the same features as the TrackMix LTE, with one major exception, it connects to Ethernet, which is also where it gets its power. The dual-view dual tracking camera offers a 4K ultra-HD resolution with 8MP still photos possible. You also get smart tracking, detection features, and remote access support. Two-way audio allows you to talk to anyone on the other side of the feed, like a delivery driver or Doordash runner. This camera also works with Reolink NVRs and RTSP/ONVIF protocols for improved smart home system integration if you want to expand now or later.
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The pan and tilt functionality in this smart camera allows it to capture more of your property, even if it’s mounted in a corner. But the spotlights will ensure that whatever is being recorded is always visible, day, night, or stormy times. It captures 4K ultra-HD video with 8MP still photo options. Plus, it has person, vehicle, and pet detection with alerts from the system directly and on a connected mobile device. It works with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi bands to offer a great signal no matter what.
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Outdoor-friendly, it’s the auto-tracking that makes this camera stand out from the pack. It offers a 355-degree pan and 50-degree tilt options with a 3X optical zoom to get a closer look at what’s happening. Plus, the dual-band WiFi 6 connectivity means you’ll always have a solid signal across supported bands, which is good for 4K ultra-HD video. Multiple night vision modes, smart detection features for people, pets, and vehicles, and remote access support through Reolink’s app round out the list of features.
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If you want a complete system with eight cameras included, this is the way to go. It’s a 16-channel NVR with a built-in 4TB hard drive that offers both power over Ethernet and person and vehicle detection. The 4K ultra HD cameras also take 8MP still photos, with audio recording and 87-degree viewing angles. Night vision up to 100 feet keeps you and your property safe, even while you’re sleeping, and the entire system is super easy to install, set up, and control. It’s built and safe for use outdoors and connects with the Reolink app to allow you to monitor and control your system remotely.
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If nothing here catches your eye, don’t rule out Reolink’s Black Friday promotions. There are a lot of other systems available that you might want to check out for yourself. For example, if you’re looking for a multi-camera system with a central hub, there are many to sift through, perfect for businesses, large properties, or even homes. Go take a look.
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Shark makes a whole range of products, from hair dryers to air purifiers, and they’re pretty reasonably priced compared to similar products from other brands. Even better, with November becoming the new Black Friday, there are a ton of great early Black Friday deals you can take advantage of on Shark products. Naturally, these deals are distributed across several different retailers, so we’ve done our best to collect the best deals and bring them to you here. Also, be sure to check back regularly as we update this page with newer and better deals.
Best Shark Hair Dryer Black Friday Deals
While Shark might not be as fancy of a company as Dyson, they do make a pretty good hair dryer, and it even looks quite similar to the Dyson Supersonic. Luckily, none of Shark’s products are as expensive, so you can get yourself a high-quality hair dryer for a pretty good price. But if it has to be a Dyson, check out Dyson Black Friday deals.
Portable power stations are seeing something of a renaissance right now in terms of popularity, performance, and capabilities. As brands explore what makes them so practical, the rest of the world prepares for the inevitable. Energy, or electricity, is growing increasingly more expensive while at the same time becoming less reliable. Between strains on the general power grid, natural disasters, and inordinate costs, many people are understandably looking for alternatives, especially those living off the grid. Portable power stations are a fantastic answer to this problem, with some meant to replace traditional generators as full-home backup solutions and others offering portable power — systems that can be used anywhere and that are more sustainable. At the forefront of that change is a new solid-state battery technology, and Yoshino is the first to launch the technology into portable power stations and solar generators.
Solid-state batteries are impressive for their advanced properties and functionality. For starters, they’re smaller and lighter in weight than your average lithium-ion battery. This allows for a lighter, smaller cell in a more manageable frame, which translates to better portability. They also have a longer lifespan and more power, so they can deliver up to 2.5 times the energy density of standard Li-Ion batteries, meaning higher capacities and performance. Finally, they use a solid electrolyte which makes them much safer overall.
We’ve pulled a list of the best Black Friday deals on coffee makers available right now. We’ve pulled some options for single-serve, coffee pots, espresso and a combination. Our favorite deal currently available is on the Cuisinart Coffee Center, but keep reading to see some other great options available today. These include Keurig Black Friday deals.
Best coffee maker Black Friday deal
Our favorite coffee maker deals right now is this Cuisinart Coffee Center. It’s on sale for $176 after a $54 discount from its original price of $230 at Best Buy. Cuisinart is a quality home appliance brand that you know you can trust, and this option includes everything you could want to make a standard cup of coffee. Let’s dig in to its features.
The Cuisinart Coffee Center lets you do everything you could need for a standard cup of coffee. Let’s start at the beginning. You have a bag of whole coffee beans, the best way to store them. You can grind them right in the top of this Cuisinart. No more fuddling with a separate grinder, which saves space on your countertop and makes zero mess, compared to pouring the ground coffee from a grinder to a filter. Once you’ve ground your beans, you can set the coffee to brew into the carafe. This machine has a built in charcoal filter for your water too. There’s a bold mode and a regular mode, so you can decide how strong you want your coffee. The carafe brews up to 12 cups.
If you’re more of a quick hits, single serve coffee drinker, you have that option too. This Cuisinart has a built in single-serve option that accepts standard K-Cups. You can brew a single serving of 8, 10 or 12 ounces. This whole system is programmable, so you can set it to start brewing your coffee before you even wake up in the morning.
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