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Owning your very own island in Australia is no longer just the domain of the obscenely wealthy—as a small island with a number of notable bird species, including little penguins, is selling off the coast of Tasmania at a relatively affordable asking price. 
Ram Island is cradled in southeast Tasmania’s Little Swanport estuary, which flows into the Tasman Sea and protects the 26-hectare mudstone and dolerite landmass from the rough weather most island homes have to contend with. After first hitting the market with an asking price of in excess of A$8 million (US$5.237 million) at the start of the year, Ram Island was recently reduced to between $A5.5 million to $A6 million. 
Though it feels a world away, the home has unusual accessibility for a private island. It’s located a 25-minute drive from essential services and supermarkets in the fishing township of Triabunna and is about an hour’s drive from shops and other amenities in the suburban township of Sorrell. 
Ram Island is accessible via a private barge between the island and the Tasmanian mainland. The current owners keep a car parked on the mainland, the listing agent said, and have a basic car on the island utilized mostly for transporting groceries from the jetty to the island homestead.  
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Ralph Mansfield, the current owner of the island and a retired building contractor, regularly spots eagles and hawks on the island. The waterways are ideal for water skiing, diving, fishing, or just sitting back on the sidelines and taking it all in, he said.
Mansfield said building the home was, logistically speaking, the most challenging job of his career. “But then again, not many people can say that they’ve developed an island, so it’s a feather in the cap,” Mansfield said.
Though he’s not the only person to call the island home. The first settlement on Ram Island was established in 1824, when the Pyke family launched a commercial baking enterprise there to supply bread to nearby townships. But it was left abandoned for years before the island’s current owners purchased it in 2002, painstakingly clearing the island of weeds, rocks and dead logs that had washed up on the shores for decades to make way for a dream home they had been designing for years. 
Their hard work uncovered a flat, undulating landmass that creates the illusion of utter seclusion despite being situated deceptively close to everyday conveniences. 
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The natural landscape features established trees and greenery with gently sloped, lush land leading down to the water’s edge in all directions. There is also a fenced space that would serve as a vegetable patch. 
Smack bang in the middle of the island in prime position is its only home. The air-conditioned three-bedroom, two-bathroom house boasts views of the east coast of Tasmania. There’s also a sizable basement featuring a walk-in cool room. There’s also dry storage space, a large shed, solar panels, gas hot water service and fireplace.   
Built from local timber, the home features a wraparound deck that invites you to sit and watch the sunset. The views from the kitchen bench capture incredible sunsets across the water and golden hills of the island and are void of anything made by humans for as far as the eye can see.  
Listing agent Nick Morgan said the property is entirely off-the-grid, powered by solar panels on the homestead, with its own Wi-Fi and 250,000-liter water storage, a 45-kilowatt solar power system and back-up generator. 
“Being completely detached from the mainland is pretty awesome. It’s an incredible spot with amazing views,” Morgan said. 
The home has garnered plenty of interest though not necessarily from qualified or motivated buyers.
“It’s not going to sell overnight, but at the same time, there’s not much that comes up on those waterfront properties. The nearby area is mostly tightly held generational homesteads, some of which are held by business people,” he said. 
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At the moment, there are only two other Tasmanian islands listed for sale: Picnic Island, which is near globally recognized Wineglass Bay, and Vansittart Island, off Cape Barren Island in the Bass Strait, are both on the market. 
The last Tasmanian island to sell was 287-hectare Waterhouse Island on the north coast, reportedly bought by a businessman hailing from Singapore for A$5.5 million in 2016. 
Mansfield said a walk around the island takes about an hour meandering through bushland and open plains, and there are four beaches that are ideal for a dip. The local climate in this part of Tasmania is notable for mild average temperatures and four distinct seasons. 
Ram Island is also identified as part of the Franklin Sounds Island Important Bird area because it holds 1%t of the world’s populations of six particular bird species. It’s a rich breeding ground for a range of seabird and waterbird, including the little penguin, Pacific gull and the Cape Barren goose.
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