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Looking to live a simple life? This Kentucky farmer may be the answer.
Titus Morris, an off-grid farmer, has no formal identity, no electricity, no running water and no car, and sometimes even no shoes.
Morris, who lives deep in the woods of rural Appalachia, explained his simple, isolated lifestyle in a video made by YouTuber Peter Santenello.
In the hourlong documentary, Morris explains he grows his own food, has no government-issued ID and his living costs are only $140 a month —  but claims he’s happiest by being “free from the system.”
Morris, who grew up in a deeply religious family, knew he wanted to live his adult life in the same vein and follow “pure Christianity.”
Rather than a car, he uses a horse and a cart to get around.
The remote Kentucky farmer doesn’t even have an ID, explaining his parents got him a social security number when he was a child, but he never signed it and decide to revoke it as an adult.
He added his birth certificate was washed away in a flood and he doesn’t have a driver’s license.
“I don’t exist in the eyes of the government but I do exist in the lives of people that know me and my Father in heaven,” he told Santenello.
There may be a few adjustments Morris’ lucky lady will need to make, including the sleeping arrangements.
In the clip, the farmer explained he has a small house where he sleeps, but as it gets hot over the summer, he will often sleep in the barn on the hay.
“It’s nice,” he quipped. “And it smells good to top it off.”
When he’s not living out of the barn, Morris has a modest open-plan home with a kitchen — although no appliances — with a dining space and an area to sleep. To cook, he uses an open fire and sticks for a mainly vegan diet.
The future Mrs. Morris should also get used to a stripped-back beauty routine, with the farmer explaining he goes to the toilet in an outhouse and bathes in the creek.
He insists his way of life keeps him healthy, and he hasn’t been sick in over a year.
“My thought is eat lots of healthy food, breath deep fresh air, try seeing God, get exercise and do things that strengthen your immune system so then your immune system is strong enough,” he said.
The only thing Morris is looking for is a family, explaining he’s sharing his landline number for anyone hoping to get in touch.
“I think the only thing I’m missing really is someone to share this life with me and children,” he said, telling future love interests to give him a call and leave a message.







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