Kentucky Ranked One of the Best States to Live Off the Grid –

If the idea of living off the grid sounds like something you might like to do, Kentucky is one of the best states to do it.
The older that I get, the more I wish I lived off the grid. A nice piece of land with a lot of trees, a lake, a garden, and farm animals; away from the craziness that we have in this world sounds like my kind of living. Of course, I would still want to make sure that I had access to television because I have certain shows that I can't miss, but getting away from the hustle and bustle of the world and living on my own remote slice of heaven is a bucket list goal.
I know that I am not alone in feeling that way. In fact, the lawn care company LawnStarter recently ranked the best and the worst states to live off the grid. So, if you're like me, and hoping to do this one day, you might want to know what states are more ideal to plant your off the grid roots.
Before we get into why you're really here, it's important to know how LawnStarter came up with its results. According to LawnStarters:
Given all of that information, Kentucky came in as one of the top states to live off the grid. Kentucky was actually ranked at number three on the list with a score of 63.36. The only other states ahead of Kentucky on this list were Texas coming in at number two with a score of 65.58, and Iowa ranking as the number one best state to live off the grid with a score of 67.12.
If you were wondering where Illinois and Indiana came in on this list, they ranked in at number 9 and number 22, respectively. I kind of thought that Indiana would be higher on the list, but what do I know? You can take a look at where the other states ranked on the list of the best states to live off the grid by clicking here.







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