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The Kentucky Derby is the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports for a reason. There isn’t anything else that combines the pageantry of attending with the thrill of one of the most unpredictable sporting events.
Last year highlighted just how unpredictable the derby can be. Rich Strike wasn’t among the first 20 horses named at the original post, only to be added as a late fill-in for Ethereal Road in the No. 20 gate. All Rich Strike did was defy 80-1 closing odds to become one of the biggest underdogs to ever win.
Part of the reason it was such a stunning victory is because of the gate from which he left. The Kentucky Derby has run 148 races, and only twice has the winner come from that gate. Only five times has the winner come even from the No. 17-20 gates.
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The gate draw is scheduled for Monday, and the results will have a drastic impact on the outcome of the race. The Sporting News has the full list of starting positions for the 2023 Kentucky Derby, and breaks down the winners from each gate since it was implemented in 1930.
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The draw for the Kentucky Derby was held on Monday, May 1, five days before the race. Hit Show (35-1) was announced as having the pole-sitter at No. 1. Tapit Trice (5-1) will run from the favorable fifth get while Angel of Empire (6-1), the only other horses with better than 10-1 odds, will run from the 12th gate.
Practical Move was originally slated to start in the 10th gate, but was scratched due to an elevated temperature. All horses below Practical Move were moved up a spot. Cyclone Mischief took the place of Practical Move in the field.
Lord Miles was scratched late Thursday after his trainer, Saffie Joseph Jr., was suspended by Churchill Downs following the death of two horses under his supervision. Lord Miles will be replaced in the field by Mandarin Hero.
Continuar was also announced as having been scratched on Friday after “not being able to reach the peak fitness required to take on a race as tough as the Kentucky Derby,” per trainer Yoshito Yahagi. King Russell will replace Continuar in the field.
Skinner was scratched on Friday as well because of an elevated temperature. That thinned the Kentucky Derby field to 19 horses. That was later cut to just 18 runners on Saturday after race favorite Forte was scratched after a meeting with a state racing commission veterinarian following his morning workout.
Here is where each horse will be starting, including odds for each horse to win the race.
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There is no right answer for the best pole position. The locations have different advantages and disadvantages based on the horses and the races.
Horses have a shorter path to the finish with the lower post numbers, but the fence and all other horses give less room to maneuver on the inside. Higher numbers get out of the gate faster and have more space on the outside, but have longer races to run.
For the most part, the lower numbers have been the best. The most winners have come from the No. 5 gate, nine have come from No. 10 and eight have come each from No. 1, No. 7 and No. 8. After the 10th gate, the only double digit with more than five wins is No. 15 at six.
Here is the history of how many winners came from at each post position since the starting game was opened in 1930:
In 2022, Rich Strike made history as the second horse to win coming out of the No. 20 gate. Big Brown, back in 2008, was the first to accomplish the feat.
The only gate to have never produced a winner is No. 17. The No. 19 gate is the only one with just a single winner, which happened back in 2012 with I’ll Have Another taking the derby.
Below is a list of all of the winners at each gate since 1930.







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