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One Kentucky mom got the surprise of her life this past week when she went to get a diet coke out of the refrigerator.  She decided to make the best out of the moment.
Let's face as a mom you have to be prepared for just about anything.  You literally never know what your kids are going to do from one minute to the next and if you aren't on your toes they are probably getting stepped on, taken off, or even crazier.
To say this family is country living at its best would be a total understatement.  They are all about living off the land and using life and what it brings you to teach lessons.  It's probably one of the coolest things to watch because their children are always learning something and everyone who is friends with them gets to watch it all play out on social media LOL!
April Stracener, momma, to this whole crew is probably the coolest and most collected momma I have ever met.  She may get surprised, and she may even pee her pants a little but she always finds a way to pivot and figure it all out and get some learning (if you will) out of each situation.
From little surprises like snapping turtles to in the face
In April's words;
In today's episode of things, my child held in my face as I turned from making the bed….“Mom! I Rescued a young snapper! Gonna put him in a tote for a few hours with fresh water and make sure he’s ok before releasing him…”
🐢God loves ya, son. Momma's heart gonna give out by 40.
Or finding frozen frogs in the fridge;
Once again April shares her thoughts;
Imagine my surprise when I open the outside freezer to grab some meat to thaw and come face to face with 3 frozen bullfrogs.  These guys had been put down with a blow dart it seems. When I asked Eli about it he said, “We shot them the other night by the pond. I was gonna eat em.”
April's latest surprise came when she was going to get a diet coke out of the fridge and she found three squirrels in the meat and cheese drawer.  I messaged her to ask her about it and here's what happened;
When I contacted April to ask her about the whole story she told me what happened and then said "I'm currently making squirrel and rice soup for lunch"  she even send photos and the recipe.
I asked her what it tasted like and she said the rabbit.  I also asked my husband and his response "you would actually love it.  It's clean meat and doesn't have a harsh game taste."  I am not so sure I would but he says I wouldn't know if I was eating it.
By the way for those of you who are wondering if this is legal, it absolutely is.  Squirrel season according to the nkytribune;
Kentucky's fall squirrel season, a 191-day split season that kicks off the calendar of fall hunting, opens by regulation on the third Saturday each August. The 2022-2023 season dates are Saturday, Aug. 20 through Nov. 11.
The Stracener family is following all the rules.  I love their life and all the cool things their kids get to do.  KEEP IT UP, FRIENDS.







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