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Northern California native Robert Breton quit his job as a grocery store cashier in 2020 and decided to start a new life.
After buying a plot of land off the beaten path near the town of Mountain View, Hawaii, Breton built a small house by hand. Breton, 35, describes his lifestyle as “off the grid” and is passionate about growing his own food and living in nature.
“I love being in tune with nature and living off the grid and having that self-reliant lifestyle,” he said.
Although his home, which he describes as having “treehouse vibes,” uses filtered rainwater and has moss shower floors, Breton is still able to have Wi-Fi and electronics. Using solar panels to power the home, Breton shares his home and lifestyle on TikTok and YouTube, making him a viral sensation.
Video below: Breton explains how his home uses rainwater for showering and drinking in a TikTok
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To achieve what he calls his “dream life,” Breton lived in a van for years so he could stop paying rent and save money to buy his land plot. Breton now supports himself through his social media accounts and a food supplement company he founded called New Earth Organic. However, Breton says the biggest bill he pays is $25 per month for his Wi-Fi.
“This is a legacy that I’m building, and I’m living with authenticity in order to hopefully inspire others to do the same,” he said.
Breton’s fans call him the “modern-day George of the Jungle.” Find his videos on living off-grid, yoga, meditation and the jungle life on his YouTube, Instagram and TikTok pages, which all use the handle @theinfinitecup.
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