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When there are free days (usually Sundays), we just pick a direction and drive. And as easy as that sounds, sometimes it's really hard to settle on WHICH direction.
From Owensboro, southwest is a real treat because of the lakes, because of underrated Paducah, and because of one of the coolest small towns Kentucky has to offer. That would be Grand Rivers KY. Throughout every year, you can't go wrong if you visit.
The lakefronts, the family fun, and, of course, Patti's 1880's Settlement, one of the Commonwealth's most popular restaurants. I'd go so far as to call it an icon.
While folks flock to this tiny Livingston County community year-round, I'd say it's the holiday season that sees it bulge with tourists more often than at any other time of the year. And the reason why is hardly a big secret; folks crave amazing Christmas light displays, and the Grand Rivers Festival of Lights feeds that need.
Back in 2018, ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight descended upon Grand Rivers to feature the Festival of Lights. This was the segment that introduced the event on that episode:
Certainly the Festival of Lights is a huge holiday draw, but don't miss out on Grand Rivers' Victorian carriage rides, available November 3rd through December 31st. And from November 3rd through December 23rd, Grand Rivers visitors can enjoy the  “Christmas Extravaganza Show” at the Badgett Playhouse.
Bring comfortable shoes and your holiday spirit and enjoy an incredible new tradition–or maybe maintain an old one–in Grand Rivers KY this holiday season.
Gallery Credit: Annalise Mantz & Madison Troyer
Gallery Credit: Jacob Osborn & Peter Richman







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