Drink Up: The U.S. Open's $10M Signature Cocktail – Front Office Sports

Major international sporting events are often associated with a signature food or drink — the Kentucky Derby’s mint julep, pimento cheese sandwiches at the Masters, Wimbledon’s strawberries and cream. 
New York’s U.S. Open is no different. Over the next two weeks in Flushing Meadows, nearly half a million Honey Deuce cocktails — vodka, lemonade, Chambord, and honeydew melon balls — are likely to be sold.
The adult beverage is sponsored by Grey Goose and the official drink of the U.S. Open. Last year, a record 405,000 Honey Deuces were sold, racking up almost $9 million in sales. This year, the cocktail costs $22 and comes with a commemorative cup. 
If the drink’s record pace continues, Honey Deuce sales will likely surpass $10 million.
The beverage first appeared at the U.S. Open in 2007 but has recently skyrocketed in popularity. Last year’s consumption represented more than 20% of the 1.8 million Honey Deuces sold in the past 16 years.
There are 40 locations to purchase food and beverages at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, according to the U.S. Open’s website, providing plenty of opportunities to boost sales.
Last year, Grey Goose began expanding the drink’s reach in select markets by offering a ready-to-drink version of the cocktail available for home delivery with “Honey Deuce Express” kits, which cost between $30-$120 via DoorDash.
The U.S. Open is also debuting the Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma ($20 with souvenir cup) as part of its first tequila sponsorship — perhaps looking to capitalize on the top-shelf booze trend.







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