Check Out This 100% Off-Grid Home That's For Sale in Pennington, NJ – 94.5 PST

Wait until you see this house!
I am in awe at what radical environmentalist Alice De Tiberg has converted this Pennington house into. She took a simple traditional 1975 ranch and turned it into a 100 percent environmentally sound home. That's right. Its the first of its kind in North America, and it is completely off-grid and fully self-sustaining.
De Tiberg has owned the house that sits at  93 Woosamonsa Rd., since 2015 and has decided to put it up for sale. If you were to purchase this house you would be getting a place that is ran by a hydrogen generator, fuel cells and solar panels, according to Philly Magazine. Electricity comes from the solar panels, but it was specifically designed to not take up much use.
If you're looking to raise a family on an environmentally free lifestyle, this is the place to do it. You'll be happy to know that the entire structure runs on green, pollution-free power, according to Philly Magazine.
Other amenities include solar powered celling fans, a jacuzzi hot tub a small fountain and more that are all ran by ran by the fuel cells. There are 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and the house is listed at $1,950,000.
If absolutely necessary, there is a way to connect to the grid. “The government demands that you install a meter, and they come to read it every month,” De Tiberg says, according to Philly Magazine.
So if you're looking to purchase a new home anytime soon, this is definitely one to consider! Not only does it look good, but you'll feel good in it knowing you are helping save the planet.
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