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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage, inspire and expand your network with a social media strategy that’ll attract prospects, leads and lifelong clients.

With its potential to reach new clients and gain tremendous ROI, social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses big and small. And with millennials emerging as the largest generation of homebuyers in today’s market, comprising 28% of all homebuyers, real estate agents need to master social media or they might miss out. We’ve compiled this list of savvy real estate social media post ideas to inspire your social strategy and keep your Instagram feed fresh and fun.

According to a 2022 tech survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), a growing number of real estate agents attest to social media’s positive impact on their business. Sixty percent of agents surveyed believe that social media provides higher quality leads than the MLS. In this article, we’ll share ideas and tips, including the best way to present new listings and how to engage your followers with valuable educational content.

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Post a video walkthrough and several high-quality photos of the new listing on your grid —then post your video to your Instagram story for maximum visibility. Be sure to label on the photo or video that your post is a new listing, as people may miss the caption while scrolling.

For the captions, it’s important to make them as readable as possible; list the key features of the property with corresponding emojis instead of writing out long paragraphs. And if you feel comfortable getting in front of the camera, do so. This strategy adds a more personal touch to the post plus helps readers to synthesize information about the property much more quickly and easily than a long caption ever could.
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Post about open houses to both your grid and stories multiple times leading up to the event, as this ensures that it will reach the most people. It’s also important to include the details of the open house in the photo in addition to your caption. On the photo, include the date, time, address, price, and if space allows, features of the property. Include this photo in a gallery that contains multiple high-quality photos of the listing; this will prevent interested buyers from having to spend time finding a link to view the home.
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If your clients are willing to be featured on your socials, celebrate their sale. You can post a photo of their smiling faces with either a “sold” sign, them holding keys to their new property, or signing the title paperwork. Make sure to also include a brief story of their buying journey in your caption, and how you helped them land their dream property. These kinds of posts show your level of enthusiasm for your work, dedication to your clients, and your ability to help clients reach their goals.
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Sharing glowing sentiment from past clients can go a long way to securing future clients. Design a photo with the testimonial included, then use the caption to express gratitude for the review. Use the opportunity to describe your services and reiterate your commitment to finding clients the right homes. You can also share the buying journey you went on with that client, if they allow you to share it on social media. Readers are more likely to remember stories that evoke emotions.
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Future clients, whether buying or selling, want to feel assured that their real estate agent has a firm grasp on the happenings of the market. To demonstrate this, share regular updates with posts that include stats, such as the average sale prices in your city or in desirable neighborhoods, the number of active listings, the average days on market, and more. Sharing this data keeps your followers informed and gives them the confidence that you have a solid understanding of the market.
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Offering a visual roundup of what buyers can get with their budget can be very helpful, as it’ll give them a sense of what they can expect to get in their housing search. This is also a great way to show off your listings. You can put the details of the homes in the caption, although it’s better to put the specs on the picture of the home for a better user experience. 
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The best way to measure success is in numbers, which is why you should show off your stats for the month or quarter. This could include the total sales prices of the homes you sold, the amount of money you were able to save buyers, if any, and the types of properties you sold in numbers, such as single-family homes or condos. These should be posted in addition to testimonials. Sharing your success lends to your credibility as an agent. 
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Social media users love admiring grand homes, even if they can’t afford them. You can easily engage people by posting swoon-worthy properties in your area, state, or around the country. Alternatively, the internet also enjoys a one-of-a-kind Zillow listing, so if you come across an interesting or wacky property, post it, as you’ll likely get a reaction out of your audience.
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In addition to cool homes, people on social media really enjoy beautiful interior design. Share interior design trends you’ve noticed, your personal favorite styles, or other impeccably decorated homes you come across on social media and want to share. Who knows, this might help someone kick start styling their own home, which could result in them reaching out to you because you share a love for mid-century modern or boho minimalist style.
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Since customization is commonplace among homeowners, posting decorating or renovation tips may be helpful to your audience. You could share how-tos such as putting together a gallery wall, talk about the pros and cons of common installations such as wallpaper or carpeting, and whether it’s worth it to DIY projects or hire a professional. Sharing tips could also secure referrals for businesses you partner with, who could in turn be more motivated to refer you to their client base.
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If one of your strengths is finding personalized closing gifts for your clients, then show that off on social media. Followers who see the effort you put into gift giving will say how you go the extra mile for your clients. Plus, if you include products from local businesses, and tag them, that business may give you a shoutout on their social media accounts, increasing your audience reach.
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“This or that” is another viral social media post that can yield a lot of engagement. People love interacting with these types of prompts the same way they enjoy taking a quick and fun online quiz. Post a single this or that on your grid, which could include the choice between a luxurious cabin or a house by the sea, or a series of this or thats on your stories with a poll.
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This may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to grow your following is by getting mentions from other accounts. Don’t mention or repost other real estate pros in your city, rather share cool listings from agents in a different part of your state, or out of state. Doing this could lead them to mentioning one of your listings on their account, and as a result, get you a new client.
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In addition to posting content for first-time homebuyers, you should also focus on creating content that caters to first-time home sellers. Be helpful by making a checklist that sellers can easily screenshot, or create a gallery post with just a few of your recommendations, along with a CTA at the end to encourage sellers to contact you for your services. You can also further engage your audience by filming yourself listing the to-dos, just be mindful of the video’s length. 
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Millennials make up the majority of first-time homebuyers in today’s market, so meet them where they are by creating content that will help them navigate the home purchase  process. This could include posting information regarding down payments, typical closing costs to expect, first-time homebuyer programs available, and tips on navigating lending. Other ideas such as mistakes you see first-time homebuyers make, or busting myths about buying a home in general may also be helpful content for first-time homebuyers. Share your expertise about the wealth-building value of ownership vs. renting.
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Not everyone is going to catch the latest news in real estate, so put on a reporter’s hat and talk about it on your account. You can just share the news and engage your audience by asking what they think, or you can put in your two cents. Sharing your thoughts on the latest in real estate further highlights the expertise you possess as a real estate professional, which in turn instills greater trust among your followers, who could be future clients. 
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First-time homebuyers and sellers can easily become confused and overwhelmed by unfamiliar real estate terms. Defining these terms will be greatly helpful to them, and make them more comfortable and confident in their buying or selling journey. They’ll begin to think of you as a subject matter expert.
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Help buyers navigate this stressful part of the home purchasing process by breaking down the different types of loans and financing terms out there. You can also post average down payments for homes of differing prices in your area, recommend loan officers, and educate your sphere of influence on first-time homebuying programs available at the state and federal level.
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There’s a science to staging, but a lot of people don’t know that. There’s also a lot of people who aren’t able to afford professional stagers. Help those folks out by talking about the do’s and don’t’s of staging a home. It’ll save them the hassle of researching it on their own, and may lead to them to using or recommending your services in the future.
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Another thing that not all homeowners understand is resale value. Take the time to educate your audience about common home renovations, and it can help or hurt them if they decide to sell their house in the future. You can post a roundup of tips on how to maximize a home’s value or share a tip once a week, with a specific day of the week dedicated to educating your followers.
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People may not always have the time or patience to stop and read your educational content while scrolling. A great hack to engage users with your educational content is by turning those posts into quizzes. Quiz them on the average price for a home in your area, what down payment is needed, the meaning of certain real estate terms, and more.
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Posting about your favorite local boutique, coffee shop, ice cream spot, or any local business highlights the offerings of the community you serve. Sharing your local lifestyle may make followers more interested in the area as a place to live, since neighborhood is a huge factor in homebuying. Plus, people are always looking for recommendations on great places to eat, especially from a local authority figure. What’s more, shouting out local businesses can also prompt those same businesses to return the favor for you on social media, increasing your visibility as an area expert.
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People are always looking for recommendations from expert sources, so share yours! Whether that’s a cleaning service, interior designer, a home inspector, contractor, or a mortgage loan officer, people will appreciate the referral, as it may save them time from having to conduct that research on their own. Be sure to highlight that partner’s strengths, how they’ve helped you, and what makes them stand out from the rest. Also, if that business uses social media, you can ask them for a shoutout on their accounts, which could increase engagement, your reach, or business for the both of you. A win-win.
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To further position yourself as a local expert, share what is going on in your community. People are always searching for fun things to do in their city or neighborhood. Plus, highlighting the fun things to do around town may attract buyers who are interested in making the move to your area, buyers who will eventually need a real estate agent to help them get a home.
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Explain to followers how maintenance goes a long way in maximizing your home’s value. Share routine maintenance, as well as seasonal reminders to help homeowners keep their home and appliances in good condition for years to come. Doing this will provide a kind service to your community, as well as potentially help them save on future repairs or the need to hire maintenance professionals. They’ll want to stick around if you’re providing genuinely helpful content. 
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“A day in the life” is a viral social media post and for good reason: people are interested in how people in different industries, or walks of life, go about their day. Make a video that chronicles what a typical work day looks like for you. This is also a great way to show off available listings and expand on what you offer clients.
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Whether it’s a post from a happy client, a shoutout from a local business, a distinction from a professional association, or a feature from the media, don’t shy away from posting it to your socials. Posting these shoutouts confirms that you are great to work with and are successful in helping buyers and sellers achieve their financial goals.
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Your business account shouldn’t just be strictly business. Have some fun and entertain your followers with some real estate humor or memes. This will make you more relatable, which, in addition to making people laugh, could help improve engagement and grow your following. You can post your own renditions of viral content or content from famous creators. Whatever you post, just make sure you aren’t poking fun at clients or client behavior. 
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Sharing what you’ve learned as a homeowner is humbling, and it’ll make you more relatable to your audience. Those who have gone through the same experiences, and identify with what you’ve shared will definitely engage with you to share their sentiments. This can increase engagement and start a discussion that other aspiring homeowners can benefit from in the future.
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Make your account content more personal and you may discover that you have followers who are genuinely interested in how to get into real estate. Take some time to share the required training needed to become a real estate agent in your city, what work it took to build your business afterward, and all of the things you learned along the way. Who knows? You may end up building a team or a network of other agents as you progress through your career.
People follow hundreds and thousands of accounts on Instagram. With that said, your grid post can easily go unseen while someone is scrolling. To increase the likelihood that your content will be seen, add each post to your Instagram stories as well. Once someone looks at your Instagram stories, the algorithm puts your stories at the front of their story queue. You can post the grid post to stories, or make a story version of your grid post.
Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so use  them strategically to increase your reach. Search popular real estate, home, and local hashtags to start, but make sure you aren’t targeting hashtags that have too many posts to its name. Focus on hashtags that have at most a million and at least 10,000 posts. If you are having trouble, look at other agents’ Instagram accounts for inspiration. Plus, to prevent your posts from looking flush with hashtags, use periods to create a paragraph’s length of space to distance your hashtags from your caption content. Or you can put the hashtags in the first comment under your post.
Like and reply to every comment you get on your account, as this will show people you are an active and engaged member of the app. Also follow fellow real estate professionals, any businesses that you work with, local businesses such as restaurants and boutiques, and accounts that are dedicated to real estate and home, including influencers. The more you like, follow, and comment on accounts with the same interests as yours, the more likely you’ll get engagement back. Plus, if you post about local businesses, ask them to return the favor and give a shout out to your services. You can also ask happy clients to post about your services, as they probably know potential buyers or sellers.
TikTok is now the leading social media platform because it engages audiences through video in a way that photos don’t. Photos still matter, but mixing it up with videos will help boost your engagement. Instead of writing a lengthy caption talking about a new listing or tips for first-time homebuyers, get in front of the camera and talk about it instead. We all like to work with people we like, so give your audience a chance to get to know you. Add a more personal touch to your account and get information across much quicker. Just make sure to keep the video short and succinct, and if you want to elaborate, do it in the captions. A video that is too long will cause your followers to keep scrolling.
With all of these social media post ideas and tips to increase your engagement, you are well positioned to build a social media following that generates your desired business results. Keep in mind that building a presence on social media takes time, patience, experimentation, and a lot of work. If a post doesn’t get the level of engagement you are hoping for, or your follower count is lower than expected after a certain amount of time on the account, don’t give up! Keep putting in the time and effort to come up with fresh content, and follow the data, including the number of likes and comments, to inform future post decisions.
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