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While these stars might play extroverted roles in films or throw outlandish lyrics all over the place, they still cherish their personal space.
With the bright spotlights of Hollywood beaming down on them at every conceivable moment, it’s no wonder that these A-listers have chosen to venture a little further off the beaten path – and with overflowing pockets, why wouldn’t they?
Thanks to captivating roles on the big screen or ongoing musical chart-toppers, it might appear as if these industry-leading celebs crave the attention – some do, of course, but this isn’t a cookie-cutter scenario. However, while they might be playing extroverted roles in films or throwing outlandish lyrics all over the place, they still cherish their personal space.
From Woody Harrelson’s Hawaiin retreat to Johnny Depp’s private French village, Daniel Day-Lewis’ Irish getaway and everyone in between, let’s take a look at where some of the world’s most rich and famous scatter to in search of a breath of fresh air.
Not a day goes by where Elijah Wood isn’t recognized on the streets – since a very young age he was thrust into the spotlight, only to be shot into the stratosphere with his LOTR role. Given his status, he’s decided to venture away from the rapid lifestyle of LA and set up shop in a $1m Victorian mansion in Austin, Texas.
We might usually know Hollywood’s very own Woody Harrelson as a tough, action-oriented, often bad-guy, however, at heart he’s actually a playful, friendly human and a big environmental activist. So it makes perfect sense that he’d head out of the spotlight, into the natural playground that is Hawaii.
As an undisputed music star, most would expect John Mayer to set up shop in either Los Angeles or the Big Apple, alongside the majority of other industry leaders. That’s not quite the case though. Instead, Mayer actually prefers to live away from the spotlight, over on a rather-secluded, easy-going ranch in Montana.
Kanye and Kim, Beyonce and Jay-Z, please move aside, because Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have taken the mantle as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful power couples. They’ve decided to ditch the big city life, escape the hoards of screaming film fans and create a homebase out near the green fields and forests of Bedford in Upstate New York
While our beloved Matthew McConaughey might have impressed in a variety of roles on the big screen, he’ll always be a southern kid at heart. After making a name for himself in Hollywood, McConaughey skipped town and headed back to where it all began, Texas. Just outside of Austin, McConaughey finds solace away from Tinseltown.
As one of the most respected and versatile actors of the last few decades, Meryl Streep has every right to seek some private time out of the spotlight. She’s certainly spent more than her fair share over in Los Angeles – these days, however, she’s headed back over to the East Coast, reliving the surroundings of where she grew up.
We all know that Angelina Jolie loves to fly to all corners of the globe (fun fact: she can actually fly a plane herself), however, sometimes she needs the opportunity to spend a little longer outside of the grueling Hollywood spotlight. Together with ex-husband Brad Pitt, Jolie is the proud owner of Chateau Miraval in France’s southern town, Correns.
After making a name for himself alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the mind-spinning Inception back in 2010, Tom Hardy became one of the more recognisable names and faces in the industry. With that kind of fame, it makes perfect sense that he’d want to escape it all once in a while.
With infamous roles in unforgettable films like Forrest Gump, Big, Captain Phillips, and Cast Away, Tom Hanks has little hope of walking around the streets of LA undiscovered. That’s why the legendary actor decided to ditch the big city and live totally off the grid, on a little ranch in the town of Ketchum, Idaho.
The great Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t spend his days driving through Beverly Hills, dodging the paps and being stuck in traffic. Instead, he’s breathing in the fresh, outdoor air, living it up over in the Wicklow, Ireland. For DDL, it was actually rather simple – he’s a dual citizen of Ireland and England.
After starting his music career over in Atlanta all those years ago, Donald Glovers, also known as famous rapper Childish Gambino, has amassed a huge following of obsessed fans. He loves the attention on stage, however, he prefers to keep his private life under wraps – that’s why he’s been reluctant to reveal where his permanent off-grid digs actually are.
When you boast the name and status (not to mention overflowing bank balance) of Johnny Depp, the world is your oyster. In addition to his sprawling 42-acre farm in Kentucky, the eclectic actor decided went ahead and purchased an entire French resort village – located near the glitzy St Tropez.
Since taking out the top prize on the inaugral season of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has always remained industry-relevant – which can’t be said of a number of the other competition’s winners. Her locale of choice is none other than a huge, private mansion over in the underrated state of Tennessee.
The one and only Julia Roberts might have a face and moniker as recognisable as any, however, she doesn’t really let that affect her too much. It might have been overwhelming in Hollywood but over in the small town of Taos, New Mexico, the paparazzi are few and far between and the fresh air is abundant.
With a luxurious villa overlooking Lake Como that is worth more than the majority of our houses combines, George Clooney’s Italian hideout has never exactly been discreet. That being said, the lavish lifestyle on offer is still far less scrutinized than his acting counterparts back in the spotlit Hollywood.
As one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, you’d assume that Jennifer Lawrence has roots in the glitz and glamour world of Tinseltown. In fact, that’s far from the case – the Hunger Games star actually comes from county routes, from none other than Louisville, Kentucky, which she regularly visits to see her family.
The Australian actress has been turning heads on the big screen for a number of years, yet despite her cinematic talents and recognisable persona, she prefers to keep things rather low-key. Alongside country music star Keith Urban, Kidman has created a home base over in Tennessee and is loving it so far by all reports.
When she’s not faking a wedding to avoid deportation (The Proposal) or wandering around blindfolded (BirdBox, in case you missed it), Sandra Bullock lives her comparatively off-the-grid lifestyle down in New Orleans. Here, she has claims to a 19th-century Gothic revival mansion in the Garden District.
Alongside her one and only sweetheart, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker balances her hectic time amongst the hustle and bustle of New York City with a relaxed, natural retreat at a cottage in County Donegal, Ireland. This is actually where Broderick spent his childhood summers, so the locale carries more meaning than simply being a breath of fresh air.
Aside from the Sundance Film Festival and some impressive skiing opportunities, this Utah locale doesn’t boast too many notable features – and that’s exactly what Robert Redford loves about it. When he’s not shooting for films, the old-school actor takes care of the Sundance Mountain Resort as well as his own personal ranch.







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